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Booking your test

Once you have successfully passed you theory test, and we both feel confident in your driving ability, you can apply for your practical driving test. You can book your test online at www.direct.gov.uk, by phone (call 0300 200 1122) or I can book the test for you. Please complete your Practical Test Application Form (available in your Personal Progress Pack)

To book your test you will need the following:

A valid driving license (you will need to quote the license number);
Your theory test certificate number;
A valid debit or credit card for payment.

Car Front

Cost The current price of a practical driving test is £56.50. However, if you have booked "The Pass Course" or The Crash Course", the cost of your first practical driving test is included in the price of your course.

Test Centre

I would always advise you to take your practical driving test in the area where you have been learning to drive, where you are familiar with the roads and driving conditions. However, you can opt to take your test at any test centre in the UK. Details of the test centres are available online at www.direct.gov.uk

Test Times

Practical driving tests are available at various times throughout the week including mid week appointments (Monday-Friday between 7.30am - 3.27pm). Appointments are also available at a premium rate (£67) on Saturdays and weekday evenings (subject to availability), so you can book your test at a time convenient to you.


When you arrive for your test you will need to provide the following documents:

A valid provisional driving license (you will need to take both parts including the photocard license and paper counterpart)*;
Your theory test pass certificate;
Your appointment letter;

*If you have an old style paper licence you will need to bring it (fully signed) and a valid UK passport
The DSA will not allow you to take your practical driving test if you fail to provide the relevant documentation and you will be charged for the test.

Eye Sight Test Before you start your test, you will have to complete an eye sight test. The examiner will ask you to read the number plate of a vehicle at a certain distance. If you fail the eye test, you will not be able to continue with the practical driving test. For more information about the eye sight test please visit www.direct.gov.uk. If you wear glasses or contact lenses you should wear them for your eye sight test and practical driving test.

Vehicle Safety Check Question Once you have successfully passed the eye sight test, the examiner will ask you to answer TWO vehicle safety check questions from a range of "show me, tell me" questions. (see "Show Me, Tell Me" questions in your Personal Progress Pack). The questions are designed to show that you know how to check that your vehicle is safe to drive.

This could involve the examiner asking you to open the bonnet of the car to explain how you would check fluid levels. However, you will not be asked to touch a hot engine or physically check fluid levels.

In a modern car like the Ford Fiesta, which have electronic diagnostic system which notify the driver of fluid levels and tyre pressure, the DSA advise that it is acceptable to refer to the vehicle information system (if fitted) when answering questions about fluid levels or tyre pressure. (DSA - www.direct.gov.uk) I can offer advice on this subject before your test.

If you answer one or both of the questions incorrectly, this will count as one minor fault on your test.

Practical Driving Test The practical driving test will last approximately 40 minutes and will take place in you're the "Fletch" instructor car (unless you have made arrangements to take the test in another car). The examiner will assess your driving ability from the passenger seat. You are allowed one other passenger with you on your test. This can be your driving instructor, or someone else. If you wish to take someone else, the person must be over 16 years of age and must not interfere with the test.

The examiner will give you instructions, which you will be required to follow. During the test, the examiner will ask you to complete a series of compulsory manoeuvres including TWO of the following reversing manoeuvres:

Reversing round a corner
Reverse parking
A turn in the road
The examiner may also instruct you to carry out an emergency stop.

Car Back

The examiner will assess your overall driving ability, and will be looking to make sure that you are (a) a safe driver, and (b) know The Highway Code and can demonstrate this through your driving.

You can make up to 15 minor faults without failing your test. However, if you receive 16 or more minor faults, or 1 serious/dangerous fault you will automatically fail. If at any point during your test, the examiner feels that you are a danger to yourself, or other road users, he/she will stop the test. If this occurs, you will be asked to remain in the car until your instructor arrives to collect you.